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The benefits of playing online

Why Online Casinos beat Brick and Mortar Casinos hands down.

While many people are seduced by the glitz and glitter of brick and mortar (B&M) casinos, playing poker in an online casino is by far the smarter choice. Not only is it more convenient, efficient, faster, and cheaper to play online, but it’s also a surefire way to save your liver and your lungs. We all know players are inclined to binge-drink (and thus deplete their judgment) while playing in B&M casinos, and despite many state-wide smoking bans, you’ll still breathe your fill of second-hand carcinogens while playing in the vast majority of B&M casinos.

With online poker, you can play in your pajamas (or nude, or in a bear suit if you prefer) and win money while catching up on emails, watching television, surfing the web, talking on the phone, or even working from home. Or, if you’d rather channel all your efforts and attention into poker (which I can certainly understand), if you play online, most sites allow users to play at least two games at once. The individual can thus play multiple games on multiple sites at the same time, which for many players means more money.

Selective players can find the perfect option for them among the Web’s myriad choices, which could be poker, blackjack, or even online betting. Users are able to place more bets or play more games per hour in online casinos than in B&M casinos, and this efficient practice makes players better faster. For example, with poker, an online game usually deals three times as many hands as a B&M game.

As all visitors know, there are many free poker money offers available online. And even when the player is spending money, it’s still cheaper, per hand played, to play online. The rake is usually less, you don’t have to tip the dealer, and sites are constantly offering reload bonuses and other incentives.

Talking about Rakeback, one of the highest percentages of rake you can get online is through Carbon Poker Rakeback. You will receive 35% which means that if you have paid $400 in rake in one month, Carbon Poker will return $140 directly to your players account at the end of that month.

Even though I prefer not visit B&M casinos for all the above reasons, I still meet many people while playing poker. I’ve met people from all over the world whose languages I don’t speak, thanks to the fact that some poker sites have translated their games and tutorial rooms to attract international players. While playing poker en ligne (French for “online poker”) with my new friend from Provence, I learned that poker descended from the French game poque. We also have the French to thank for the first games where aces were considered the highest cards. I couldn’t believe I’d been playing poker for years and didn’t know much of its history. And by the way, multi-player online poker games are not nearly as intimidating as they may seem at first. I find them to be a fun way to interact with players from different countries.

Many traditional players’ reservations with online casinos relate to security, but Internet card rooms actually provide just as much security as B&M casinos do; the security is simply in a different format. Instead of personnel and security cameras, virtual card rooms run software that examines players’ online betting patterns and searches for anomalies. When cheaters are caught, their accounts are closed, their funds are revoked, and honest players who suffered at their hands are issued reimbursements. In my experience, online casinos are just as secure as and are more convenient, efficient, lucrative, and interesting than B&M casinos.