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By The Boss | October 1, 2008

The free poker bankroll offer from is a straight forward free bonus offer. PokerNetOnline or PNO are not a poker school type site, so there is no quiz to take before getting the free cash.

The bankroll offer is an instant $50 deposited into your new Titan Poker account and a further $100 bonus when you have earned 4500 player points which you get from playing at Titan Poker.

Claiming this bonus is fairly easy, just go to the site and Register for the bonus. There are clear instructions on the site which will walk you through the claiming process.

Check the terms and conditions before you apply; you must be over 21 to claim this bonus, and you must be a first time player at Titan Poker. If you already have an account at Titan you will not qualify.

It takes about 2 days for qualified players to receive the initial $50 bonus, which will be paid directly into your new Titan Poker account.

$50 Free Poker money at Titan Poker

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