Is Mohammed Kudus Ready to Move to a Top Club?

Mohammed Kudus is a very energetic and physical player. As a fast and balanced footballer, he is effective on both sides of the pitch. Here is the number of goals in each competition this season:
Kudus is also able to play in several positions. While preferring the right winger role, he can be effective in the midfield zone behind the centre forward. 

Performance at West Ham

In addition, he has 117 successful dribbles, making him one of the best dribblers in the Premier League. With 4.14 xG to his tally, Kudus is also one of the leaders in scoring goals at West Ham.

  1. Premier League – 7 goals and 6 assists in 31 matches.
  2. EFL – 1 goal in 3 matches.
  3. Europa League – 5 goals in 9 matches.

At the same time, if he moves to Dortmund or Manchester, it will be hard to make an impact from the first day. He will need some time to adjust and fit into the system, which does not happen instantly.
Transferring to a better club would be a great opportunity for Kudus to learn something new and further develop. However, his time on the pitch might diminish – a dilemma he will also consider. 

Main Strengths and Capabilities of Kudus

Born in 2000, Mohammed Kudus is a Ghanaian player who currently plays for English side West Ham. He is one of the best players in the Premier League, playing as an attacking midfielder or a right-winger. 
Kudus’ career started in the Danish Nordsjaelland, which he joined from the Right to Dream Academy. However, he made a real breakthrough at Ajax, where he was one of the star players in the attack. This made West Ham purchase him for a reported fee of €44.5m.
Under David Moyes, Kudus has been especially prolific as the Scottish coach found a special role for him. In his tactics, he can be flexible, adjusting to different strategies. 

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What Can He Improve?

It is still early for Kudus to switch clubs. He still has to prove himself at West Ham and become more productive. True, the Ghanaian player delivered many exciting moments. However, his consistency has to improve, as he may not get the same playing time at top clubs as at West Ham. 

Where Can He Possibly Play?

Kudus would be a perfect option for clubs like Brighton, Dortmund or even Manchester United. His flair and speed could potentially be advantageous for each of those teams. Brighton is probably the best option, as De Zerbi already has a strategy and philosophy that Kudus fits perfectly.
Kudus started really well for West Ham, but he could be criticized for his inconsistency. His form declined after being absent for some time due to an injury. However, something he could really improve is his determination. Additionally, he has not been scoring a lot recently which could be an issue for West Ham and for him potentially moving to a better club. 

Pros and Cons of the Transfer

The Ghanaian player’s main strengths are his dribbling, passing, and finishing. While getting the ball, it is very difficult for defenders to dispose of him. Also, Kudus is a capable finisher, and he can create numerous chances for his teammates as well.
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Is Kudus Really Ready to Move?

As for Manchester United, Erik ten Hag is keen to sign players who have played for Ajax. As this is the case with Kudus, there is a chance that he will be on the Dutchman’s radar.  

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